Monday, May 19, 2008

JavaOne 2008

It's a week after JavaOne 2008 now. I finally have time to post a blog. I've been extremely busy for and before JavaOne: not only with the presentations that I gave at JavaOne, but also because the Java CAPS 6 code freeze was the week before JavaOne.

At JavaOne I gave three presentations:

For Java University (the day before JavaOne), I presented a part of Joe Boulenouar's class "How Java EE 5 and SOA Help in Architecting and Designing Robust Enterprise Applications". In my part I covered ESBs, JBI and Composite Applications.

A technical session: TS-5301 Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite: Implementing Selected EAI Patterns. I presented this with Michael Czapski, a colleague in Sun's field organization in Australia. He's also the author of the book Java CAPS Basics: Implementing Common EAI Patterns. In this session we went over a number of EAI patterns from Hohpe and Woolf's book and showed that when you use the right Integration Middleware, you use these patterns almost without realizing it.

A Birds-of-a-feather session: BOF-6211: Transactions and Java Business Integration (JBI): More Than Java Message Service (JMS). I presented this with Murali Pottlapelli, a colleague in Monrovia. Since there was interest in the slides that we presented, and because unlike Sessions, the slides of BOFs are not made available by the JavaOne organization, you can download the slides of Transactions and JBI: More Than JMS from my blog. I also recorded the sound using my MP3 player, but the quality of the recording is pretty bad. Nevertheless, I've also uploaded the mp3 of Transactions and JBI: More Than JMS.

What's next? Now that CAPS 6 is almost out of the door, we're going to focus on the next release. Even more than in the past, we'll be doing this in open source. More to come!