Sunday, December 10, 2006

Short note: Running Java CAPS on Java SE 6

Today Java SE 6 was released. It comes with many new features and cool tools. One of them being jmap as described in a previous log on permgen exceptions. The Integration Server is not officially supported on SE 6 yet. However, if you want to run the Java CAPS integration server on SE 6, this is what you can do:

  1.     Install JDK 6 somewhere, e.g. c:\\java
  2.     Install the IS somewhere, e.g. c:\\logicalhost
  3.     Rename c:\\logicalhost\\jre to c:\\logicalhost\\jre.old
  4.     Copy c:\\java\\jre1.6.0 to c:\\logicalhost\\jre
  5.     Copy c:\\java\\jdk1.6.0\\lib\\tools.jar to c:\\logicalhost\\jre\\lib
  6.     Copy c:\\logicalhost\\jre\\bin\\javaw.exe to c:\\logicalhost\\jre\\bin\\is_domain1.exe
  7.     Copy c:\\logicalhost\\jre\\bin\\javaw.exe to c:\\logicalhost\\jre\\bin\\ isprocmgr_domain1.exe
  8.     Edit c:\\logicalhost\\is\\domains\\domain1\\config\\domain.xml and comment out these lines:

i.e. add <!-- before and add --> after these lines.

Also comment out this line:

<!--        <jvm-options>-server</jvm-options>-->

After these changes you can run the Integration Server with Jave SE 6. These are not “official” recommendations (as mentioned, there’s no support for SE 6 just yet); also the lines commented out are optimizations, that need to be re-established for SE 6 tet, so don’t do any performance comparisons just yet.


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