Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book "SOA with Java": Rough cut now online


A few months ago I got a request from Satadru Roy, one of the authors of the book "SOA with Java", to write a section on Open Source ESBs for this book.

This was a good opportunity to advertise OpenESB, so I eagerly said yes. Satadru suggested that a practical example should be the core of the chapter, so I sat down with two of my colleagues, Murali Pottlapelli and Sujit Biswas, to discuss how the example would look like.

The result is a 17 page chapter that gives an overview of OpenESB. The book is now available for review on Safari. This link will probably be invalidated when the review period ends, but perhaps the link to the book itself is more permanent (the book is also on Amazon).

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