Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving on… next stop: Google

I've decided it's time to move on. Yesterday I put in my resignation at Oracle. I'll be starting at Google in two weeks.

Why? Was Oracle such a bad place to work? Was it such a culture shock for a Sun employee that it just could not work? Could I not stand my manager? Could I not get along with my new co-workers?

If you're expecting a bitching session about big-bad-Oracle, I have to disappoint you. In the months that I've been at Oracle, I've come to the conclusion that it is a pretty decent company to work for. I like my manager, my co-workers are intelligent and pleasant, and the culture at Oracle is very similar as it was at Sun. So, honestly, no complaints there.

The reason for my leaving is that I've been doing SOA for 7+ years now. I've been involved in the complete lifecycle of two products: CAPS and OpenESB. Now, with my transition into Oracle, I was about to commit to a third SOA product. Before I dove into that, I did some soul searching, and realized that I ready for something new, something in a different field.

As I was looking for a change, I looked at what interesting companies there are here in Orange County. Google and Amazon came to mind. Google is said to be the engineering Valhalla, so I submitted my resume there. And surprise, surprise, I got an offer.

It's a big jump. It's starting from the bottom again… jumping into something brand new. Will I like the change? I'm eager to find out!


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